Smart reception

Enterprise reception becomes Smart and improves visitor experience

Smart Reception by Workeeng is the solution designed for improve the experience of visitors and operators in the company, by simplifying entrance management, enabling guests to register independently using special devices, and providing time and cost savings through Smart Reception.

With Smart Reception, guests welcomed to the company can register independently using special devices, such as tablets or kiosks, placed at the front desk, eliminating waiting and ensuring a smooth and private experience.

Once registered, guests receive a digital or paper badge that identifies them while on the premises while the guest list, check-ins, and routine operations are managed with the Reception Application.

Through integration with access control systems, such as turnstiles, Workeeng also provides secure and monitored access to visitors.

The self-registration process is quick and easy: the guest frames the QR-Code received via email or enters their email into the tablet. If the guest has a valid invitation in the calendar, the system will immediately proceed to check-in. In case the guest does not have an invitation, the system will request additional information to complete the registration.

ID badge printing can be done automatically or handled by the front desk.

The dedicated tablet app allows you to customize the logo and background image, view the day’s guest list synchronized from Exchange, verify guests who have self-registered, deactivate badges at check-out, register and generate passes for visitors without an appointment, manage the validity of badges, and export the guest list.

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The Crédit Agricole project

Crédit Agricole and Workeeng: from pilot project to established Smart Working. New HQ spaces, work-life balance, satisfied employees and business success.

Benefits and utilities

  • Self-registration with tablet/kiosk
  • Digital and/or paper badge generation
  • Courtesy emails
  • Front desk application
  • Integration with access control systems


Workeeng also allows one custom development to adapt the Suite products to specific needs, explore some features available for Smart Reception

Whether you are planning to assign a temporary desk to an outside consultant or want to secure dedicated parking for an employee, this feature was specifically developed to facilitate booking on behalf of third-party users. In fact, Workeeng's Book Third Party feature is designed to simplify and enhance the experience of employees, external guests and contractors by providing a practical and intuitive functionality.
  • Efficient management of company resources
  • Simplified scheduling
  • Space optimization
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