The essential tool for simplified management of work space and company resources

Thanks to Booking it is possible to plan where and how you will work, taking into account your needs, the operational requirements of collaboration between teams, within the terms of your contract profile.

Allows employees and management to organize work between smart working and onsite days, simplifying the planning, booking and monitoring of workstations and rooms.

The ideal tool for optimizing space utilization, improving business efficiency and ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment.

The ideal tool for optimizing space utilization, improving business efficiency and ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment.

Allows you to book directly from your smartphone, thanks to a simple wizard, a place for your vehicle in the company parking lot.

Manages in a simple and intuitive way the reservations in the restaurant or in the company canteen.

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The Crédit Agricole project

Crédit Agricole and Workeeng: from pilot project to established Smart Working. New HQ spaces, work-life balance, satisfied employees and business success.

#room booking #desk booking #academy #employee management

Success case Eni

Eni and Workeeng: the transformation of Smart Working. Modules such as Time Management, Desk, Room, and Park Booking were successfully integrated achieving work-life balance, employee satisfaction, and increased business performance.

Discover all the modules for working in a flexible and well-organized environment

Booking by Workeeng is a product for adapting to each company’s specific needs. The various features and customization options allow you to create a flexible and well-organized work environment that promotes employee productivity and well-being.

Benefits and utilities

  • Efficient organization of work
  • Simple and immediate booking
  • Optimization of space utilization
  • Occupancy statistics
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Safe and comfortable working environment
  • Flexible check-in and check-out
  • Flexible and well-organized work environment


Workeeng also allows custom development to tailor Suite products to specific needs, explore some features available for the Booking module.

Whether you are planning to assign a temporary desk to an outside consultant or want to secure dedicated parking for an employee, this feature was specifically developed to facilitate booking on behalf of third-party users. In fact, Workeeng's Book Third Party feature is designed to simplify and enhance the experience of employees, external guests and contractors by providing a practical and intuitive functionality.
  • Efficient management of company resources
  • Simplified scheduling
  • Space optimization
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Show Occupant allows you to view the name of the user who has booked and used "Meeting Room" and "Desk" type resources. This Workeeng feature is easily accessible both from the resource list, allowing users to quickly see the current occupant of desks and meeting rooms, and from building maps. This makes it easy to locate the user who has booked or is using a specific resource, providing the information needed to better manage company resources. Whether you are looking for an available meeting room or would like to know the name of the colleague who has booked a particular desk, Show Occupant provides quick access to information and the ability to view it both from directory and on building maps.
  • Simplified third-party booking
  • Optimized resource management
  • Improved experience for employees and contractors
  • Practical and intuitive functionality
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Workeeng simplifies enterprise lock management, optimizing security and privacy.

For lock management, Workeeng offers a proximity-based mechanism: by activating smartphone Bluetooth via the myWorkeeng app, users can view the list of available locks and open doors quickly and easily. Access rules and map view are customizable.

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Workeeng's "Find a colleague" feature facilitates organization and cooperation in workplaces by letting you know the work status of people who have provided consent.

You can search for a colleague to find out his or her current status and view his or her location on a map. By accessing the calendar, future schedules can be viewed. This feature makes it easier to manage office attendance, remote work, and travel. In addition, when the colleague is in the office, the booked location can be located on the map. Find the colleague also provides access to colleagues' calendars, allowing meetings and projects to be scheduled more efficiently.

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