Book, manage and monitor corporate training courses

Workeeng Academy is the intelligent solution for the optimal management of company training courses. Thanks to this "smart" booking system, it will be possible to better organize the attendance of planned courses for employees, via a booking system accessible via the web.

Through Academy, different business functions have the possibility to book and manage courses to be administered to their employees, through a complete and intuitive platform.
Through a Backoffice, the HR function has the ability to create courses and enter employees directly from the Workeeng interface or via Excel files. HR will have full control over course creation and participant management.
Through the Portal, white collar, faculty and HR have the ability to manage attendance and view detailed analytics.
Courses are customizable with information such as category, editing, title, number of seats available, description, final exam, person in charge, location, room capacity, date and times, and all courses are viewable in the calendar.
Through the Portal, it is possible to define hierarchies, associating employees with a supervisor and creating groups, as well as to access analytics, a dedicated section with graphs and diagrams showing the progress of courses and their utilization. Through the reporting section, emails are sent to HR managers with indications of course attendance and bookings, simplifying resource management and internal communication.

Benefits and utilities

  • Optimal management of training courses
  • Total control for the HR function
  • Easy frequency management
  • Detailed analytics
  • Definition of hierarchies and creation of groups
  • Automatic reporting

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