New features available!

Find Colleague and Show Occupant are the two newly introduced important features that enable better organization of teamwork.

Find Colleague: facilitates organization and cooperation in workplaces by letting you know the work status of people who have provided consent.

It is possible to search for a colleague to know their current status and view their location on a map. By accessing the calendar, future schedules can be viewed. This feature makes it easier to manage office attendance, remote work, and travel. In addition, when the colleague is in the office, you can locate the booked location on a map. Find the colleague also provides access to colleagues’ calendars, allowing meetings and projects to be scheduled more efficiently.

Show occupant: allows you to display the name of the user who has booked desks and meeting rooms. This Workeeng feature is easily accessible both from the resource list, allowing users to quickly see the current occupant of desks and meeting rooms, and from building maps.

This makes it easy to locate the user who has booked or is using a specific resource, providing the information you need to better manage your company’s resources.

Whether you are looking for an available meeting room or would like to know the name of the colleague who has reserved a particular desk, Show Occupant provides quick access to information and the ability to view it both from directory and on building maps.

Both features required careful analysis to enable smoother workflows for companies while fully respecting workers’ privacy.