Hybrid Work e Phygital Workplace: technologies and spaces for HR 2022

The era of hybrid work has begun andinvolves all businesses, not just the most mature ones from the point of view of digital and organizational models. The paradigmsmart, moreover, it can be more correctly classified asremote working, is giving way to a complete overhaul of the working model, which is increasingly configured asmix of physical and virtual experiences(phygital). The office neither comes nor will disappear, but it is losing its centrality in the context ofwork experience: in its place, an increasingly widespread model, which is naturally independent of the place and time forenter the era of the centrality of performance.  

The challenges of Hybrid Work and the role of technological enablement 

As an epochal transformation, Hybrid Workposes a number of challenges to businesses, some aimed at the employee, which must optimize its performance in a context of greater responsibility, others to management and specific departments such as HR and Facility. Management must support Hybrid Work by changing the pillars on which the company is based, that is to sayculture and organizational model, while facility management must take the opportunity to review the spaces andbuild engaging work experiences. For his part, HR has the task ofmanage an increasingly widespread workforce, to direct it towards a new performance management and evaluation model e, above all, must be able tokeep engagement high despite fewer opportunities for contact.

Within such a broad and pervasive transformation, the role of digital is dominant: without agile tools for managing hybrid work, the much vaunted productivity benefits, efficiency, engagement ed empowermentthey could never translate into tangible results. Furthermore, in this specific area, digital has a double role: it is the enabler of the model but it is also the tool that evaluates its progress and effectiveness through a continuous feedback model that flows into specific indicators.

Workeeng, the platform that accompanies companies towards hybrid work

Workeeng è una piattaforma cloud pensata, designed and built to support a 360 appreciate the transformation of the world of work and the workplace. It is therefore not a software for desk booking, although it is a functionality present and requested by companies, but rather a set of integrated digital solutions at the service of the protagonists of this revolution: employees, management, HR e Facility Management.

The challenges of HR, between employee engagement and management of the hybrid model 

What they will be, Therefore, the main challenges that HR will face in 2022 e che potrà gestire con l’ausilio di una piattaforma come Workeeng? First of all, managing contact with the workforce and employee engagement, for which the continuous feedback ha e avrà un ruolo centrale.

One of the potential disadvantages of hybrid work is that it distances the employee from the company community and its culture, with the paradoxical consequence of strengthening the silos instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to definitively demolish them. Con Workeeng, HR is supported in constant contact with employees: thanks to the surveys, to the definition of specific KPIs (quantitative and qualitative) and data analysis, the company can perfectly understand not only the effectiveness of its hybrid work model, but also obtain invaluable indicators on the well-being of people, on any critical issues in the processes, on the company's ability to manage its community e via dicendo.

Data analysis can demonstrate not only performance (il performance management it is a theme of central importance), but also the habits of employees, including potentially critical trends to be managed with priority to avoid having an impact on individual and general productivity. Based on the data collected by the platform, of feedback, and even gods data relating to the use of spaces (desk, meeting room, access to the company…), initiatives could be implemented to this to promote cohesion within the community and the transmission of company values, like a schedule of in-person events. Furthermore, grazie a uno strumento come Workeeng l’azienda può communicate with employees quickly and smartly: the digital board, modern version of the company noticeboard, can be used for transmit messages and give them maximum visibility grazie al meccanismo delle notifiche su dispositivo mobile.

Workeeng permette ai dipendenti di gestire al meglio l’esperienza lavorativa from time management, an absolutely central aspect for the effectiveness of hybrid work. Via the app, people communicate how and where they will work according to a mechanism of time management, which allows supervisors and HR to always have a clear picture of the company situation at hand, also in relation to the contractual profiles of individual employees. This panders to people, because the app follows the choice of working status with automatic mechanisms (such as booking the desk following the decision to work in the office), but it also serves the company better organize the employee experience and to progressively perfect the effectiveness of hybrid work.