About Us

Workeeng is the Suite of software applications, Cloud-based, that can meet the needs of Smart Workers.

Our Story

Workeeng is a product of fabbricadigitale.​

fabbricadigitale is an ICT company specializing in innovative products and services. ​​

The mission is encapsulated within the name: to fabricate, thus to concretely build, highly innovative digital solutions. ​

What we do

We apply new technologies to develop products and ensure innovative services for Digital Out of Home, Internet of Things, cloud collaboration, security and more.

We constantly invest in certifications to ensure control and reliability of processes and products

The international standard ISO 9001 outlines ways to achieve high performance by putting processes in place to improve operational efficiency.

The international standard ISO 14001 provides a management framework for integrating environmental management practices, pursuing environmental protection and reducing energy and resource consumption.

Business continuity is the ability to maintain product supply and service delivery after a crisis episode. ISO 22301 it is the international standard.

ISO/IEC 27001 – is the only auditable and certifiable international standard that defines the requirements for an information security management system

STAR Certification “Level 1: Self-Assessment” addresses the specific security needs of the Cloud.

Where we are

Headquarter, R&D, Software Factory and Systems
Via Volta, 326041 Casalmaggiore (Cremona)
+39 0375 284600

Company data

fabricadigitale srl
Headquarters: Via Volta 3, 26041 Casalmaggiore (CR) – Italia
Pi and cf 01214800193 – SDI code M5UXCR1
at the Register of Companies of Cremona: REA CR – 152315
Share capital 99.000,00 € fully paid up
PEC: amministrazione@pec.fabbricadigitale.it