Success case Net Insurance

Net Insurance’s project is based on the desire to implement a flexible, innovative, effective and efficient work model, promoting work-life balance. To achieve this goal, the company focused on three main aspects: culture and behavior, technology, and corporate space.

The organization

Net Insurance is an insurance company that offers protection solutions dedicated to the individual, the family, and small and medium-sized businesses. Based in Rome, the company has 130 employees.

Activated products

  • Business Performance
  • Booking
    Room Booking
    Desk Booking

The objective

  • At the end of 2019, the pilot project is launched on about 30% of the corporate population, then with the outbreak of the pandemic the solution is spread compulsorily to everyone, this will prove crucial in the final decision to spread Smart Working to everyone.
  • As of May 2021, Smart Working is the norm and involves 2 days/week in the office and 3 remotely.
  • On the spaces, action was taken with the aim of abandoning the idea of a fixed workstation and conceiving the office as a place for socialization, contamination and generation of new ideas.
  • Net Insurance won the “Smart Working Award 2021,” the important award given by the Milan Polytechnic Observatory that recognizes the best Smart Working initiatives.

Benefits obtained

  • Better balance of personal-work life
  • High employee satisfaction and sense of belonging
  • Excellent work performance
  • Attraction and retention of talent

Thanks to the collaboration with Workeeng we have introduced a tool that allows you to monitor both quantitative and qualitative performance indicators (satisfaction of colleagues, relationships between colleagues, level of engagement, workers' perceptions) continuously.

The developed application allows you to collect data in a simplified way, making them visually intuitive and encouraging continuous feedback thanks to notifications and reminders.

Fabio Pittana, Chief Operating Officer
Net Insurance

Download the research from the Smart Working Observatory
of the Polytechnic of Milan