Refocusing Smart Working: necessity, convention or conscious choice?

On Monday, Nov. 6, during the conference “Refocusing Smart Working: necessity, convention or conscious choice?” organized by the Smart Working Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico of Milan, the future of hybrid work was intensively discussed, focusing on how new models of Smart Working are shaping the Italian work fabric.

In a context marked by great instability, work models must transform and adapt more and more rapidly to current events.

The 2023 research, carried out thanks to the support of Workhera (now Workeeng) – a partner in this edition – illustrates the diffusion and characteristics of Smart Working models in large companies, SMEs and PA, identifying the benefits and criticalities experienced by organizations and people.

The conference emphasized the importance of some key characteristics of smart working: individual well-being, engagement and workplace performance, along with environmental impact analysis and sustainability.


New features available!

Find Colleague and Show Occupant are the two newly introduced important features that enable better organization of teamwork.

Find Colleague: facilitates organization and cooperation in workplaces by letting you know the work status of people who have provided consent.

It is possible to search for a colleague to know their current status and view their location on a map. By accessing the calendar, future schedules can be viewed. This feature makes it easier to manage office attendance, remote work, and travel. In addition, when the colleague is in the office, you can locate the booked location on a map. Find the colleague also provides access to colleagues’ calendars, allowing meetings and projects to be scheduled more efficiently.

Show occupant: allows you to display the name of the user who has booked desks and meeting rooms. This Workeeng feature is easily accessible both from the resource list, allowing users to quickly see the current occupant of desks and meeting rooms, and from building maps.

This makes it easy to locate the user who has booked or is using a specific resource, providing the information you need to better manage your company’s resources.

Whether you are looking for an available meeting room or would like to know the name of the colleague who has reserved a particular desk, Show Occupant provides quick access to information and the ability to view it both from directory and on building maps.

Both features required careful analysis to enable smoother workflows for companies while fully respecting workers’ privacy.

Workeeng achieves CSA STAR Certification

Workeeng is officially CSA STAR Level 1 certified, solidifying its focus on cybersecurity and data privacy aspects.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR) certification is essential in the modern technology landscape and is a tangible recognition of efforts to ensure maximum security and confidentiality of user data.

This certification confirms that Workeeng is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that embraces the core principles of transparency, best practices and innovation in security and privacy in the cloud. In a world where cybersecurity is crucial, this certification distinguishes us as a trusted and responsible leader in providing technology solutions for hybrid workplaces and provides us with new opportunities, opening the door to qualifying for tenders and bids and allowing us to grow together.

The new MyWorkeeng app is available

After a period of intensive work, we are excited to present the new version of the MyWorkeeng mobile app.

The release will offer refinements and additional functionality, as well as smoother navigation and increased speed of use thanks to the React Native language with which it was developed.

The MyWorkeeng app is already available for download and use by users at the following links:

Google Play​

Apple Store

Workshop alert / 27 April

OKR and hybrid work: how the data-driven approach improves company performance.

Sarà questo il titolo del Workshop che avrà come protagonista il Modulo Business Performance di Workhera. Ce ne parlerà Andrea Acquaroni, giovedì 27 aprile alle ore 12.00, nell’ambito delle iniziative organizzate dall’Osservatorio Smart Working del Politecnico di Milano.

Il lavoro ibrido sta diventando sempre più diffuso e sta mettendo in evidenza la necessità per le organizzazioni di prendere decisioni basate su dati condivisi. In questo intervento esploreremo i benefici dell’OKR (Objectives Key Results) come strumento di gestione in un contesto di lavoro ibrido, per creare un nuovo ed innovativo modello che aumenta la produttività, migliora la comunicazione e sviluppa la cultura aziendale.

Workhera becomes Workeeng

New name, new logo and a new organization that optimizes efficiency, collaboration and innovation in companies.

Workhera gets a makeover as Workeeng, a suite of interconnected products and modules, each designed to solve precise needs related to the digital workplace. With Workeeng, enterprises can enjoy greater flexibility and customization, adapting the products, modules and features available to them to their needs:

  • BOOKING: ideal for optimizing space utilization, improving business efficiency and ensuring a safe and comfortable work environment. Choose and combine DESK, ROOM, PARK and CANTEEN modules for tailored space management.
  • SMART RECEPTION: an advanced solution to improve the experience of visitors and operators in the company, simplifying entry management and ensuring a flawless reception.
  • BUSINESS PERFORMANCE: a powerful tool designed for companies eager to boost their performance and employee well-being, ensuring a more productive and satisfying work environment.
  • ACADEMY: an intelligent product for the optimal management of corporate training courses.

Workeeng debuts new web and mobile apps, updated to provide a smoother, more reliable and secure experience and to take you through the renewed opportunities of our suite of cloud-based digital workplace products.